Jumpa - It pays to move.

It pays to move ®

How does Jumpa work?

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Jumpa helps you stay motivated & achieve your fitness goals!


What is Jumpa?

Jumpa is an exciting new program that rewards you for exercising. You don’t need to be a pro - all you need to do is get moving!

And it's really simple. Keep tracking your runs, cycling K's, swim loops or check in at our partner fitness locations to collect points.

You can then exchange those points into exciting Jumpa Rewards!

Why should I use Jumpa?

There are a number of good reasons why you should use Jumpa. Some of them are:

  • Jumpa gives you a clear motivational target. You have to move to reach your reward.
  • Keep exercising as usual but get benefits for those hours spent sweating.
  • It's hassle free: Easily connect with a supported tracking App or just scan a QR code at a physical exercising location

Who is Jumpa for?

You don't need to be a Pro-Athlete to use Jumpa, which doesn't mean Pro-Athletes don't use it:

  • Jumpa is for couch potatoes and gives them the final kick to start exercising.
  • Jumpa is for daily bike commuters who want earn more out of their commute just than sweat.
  • Jumpa is also there for Pro-Athletes with intriguing rewards waiting to be collected.
  • Jumpa is made for you