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Why advertise with Jumpa?

Advertising your brand or products with Jumpa doesn’t just offer your business extra exposure. There are other ways in which your business will benefit. 

  • Reach a targeted audience
  • Low cost & Value for Money
  • Link your brand with promoting an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Community of motivated individuals. Growing every day!

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Sponsor a Challenge

Sponsoring a challenge with Jumpa is a fantastic way to promote your brand. Our members are always on the look-out for challenges as a way to earn more points and prizes.

We have different packages available to suit your requirements. You can even make your products the main prize!

For all packages, your Brand Name will be included in the Challenge Title. We will also use your logo (or image of your choice) in all communication about the challenge to our members.

We communicate to our members via app push notifications, email, blog and the Jumpa social media accounts giving your brand the largest possible exposure.

Click the button below or email us at for pricing and more info.

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Jumpa MarketPlace

Why not make your products or services available for sale on our Jumpa MarketPlace? That way you open up another route to market for your business. 

Our members work hard for their points and would love to cash them in for your items.

There are 3 options to choose from:

FREE listing – perfect for samples or trials
FULL listing – perfect for offering your items for sale
PROMO listing – perfect for special promotion of specific items

Click the button below or email us at for pricing and more info.

* Charity or Not-for-profit organisation? – Get in touch to find out how we can help raise awareness and let our members donate their points to your organisation. We would love to hear from you.