Jumpa Health & Fitness Partners

Grow your health & fitness business

Attract NEW clients + Reward your EXISTING clients

What is Jumpa ... ?

Jumpa is an app that rewards people for exercising.

Our members use a network of Fitness Venues and Businesses to earn rewards.

Personal trainer, yoga instructor, dance teacher or gym owner? Or physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist? Jumpa is for you. Your clients are our focus which drives great returns for your business. We share your passion for encouraging people to enjoy being more physically active and making healthy choices.

... and why should I bother with it?

We don’t need to tell you that the health & fitness industry is getting more competitive by the day. New local alternatives crop up everywhere and that’s not mentioning the global online offerings!

Jumpa supports its Health & Fitness Partners to stay ahead of the competition.

Attract new clients

  • Be visible

Find new clients! Or better still, let new clients find you! Add your Health & Fitness Business to our searchable map

  • Be different

Appeal to our Jumpa members and compete locally as well as with global online offerings

  • Word of Mouth

Don’t you just LOVE telling your friends about occasions when you received more than expected! We do!

Motivate your existing clients

  • Immediate rewards

Your clients receive points each time they work out with you

  • Extra value

Increase loyalty by providing extra value to your existing clients

  • Improve attendance rates

Your clients now have one more reason to keep working out with you

  • Reduce drop-out rates

Motivated clients who work out regularly are much less likely to drop out

  • Extra motivation

Working out is now about more than just the physical benefits alone

Drive extra revenue

  • Improved value

Offer clients more value for money. No one really minds spending that little extra if you get better value and better results.

  • Stop competing on pricing

Show that just low pricing doesn’t provide clients with the best results. Compete on value, not on pricing!

  • Reporting

Our attendance reports point out which clients need a little extra attention

  • Focus

Now that’s all taken care of, focus on what you do best. Working out with your clients!

That's all great, but what will it cost me?

Well, great news! You can get started absolutely FREE! And being a Jumpa Health & Fitness Partner doesn’t have to cost you anything provided you are happy with what our basic membership has to offer.

No catch, no commitment, just a free service to help you grow your Health & Fitness Business!

  • Quick, easy and FREE to set up
  • Basic membership is FREE FOR LIFE!
  • No need for fancy equipment to be installed

You can access more benefits for your business and for your clients by upgrading and becoming a Partner or Premium Partner! 

Limited Time Only!

We are building our partner network. And we are so confident that Jumpa will add value to your business that we are offering:

  • FREE PARTNER or PREMIUM PARTNER membership for your existing clients*
  • AND our lowest price for new clients of $0.50 per check-in (max $15 per client per month)

(* existing clients are those who have checked in with you using the Jumpa app at least once within the first 30 days of you becoming a Jumpa Fitness Partner)

Green neon gym sign

What return will I get?

It’s obvious to see how a new client brings extra value. But here are some statistics illustrating how Jumpa will help to grow your business even more (we promise we didn’t make these up!):

  • 1 additional gym visit per month makes a client 33% less likely to cancel their membership
  • Attracting a new health & fitness client is 5x more expensive than keeping an existing one
  • A 5% increase in client retention drives 25%-95% increase in bottom line profits
  • An existing client is 50% more likely to try a new class compared to a new customer
  • The probability of selling to an existing client is 60-70%, compared to 5-20% to a new client

OK, you've got my attention. Now, how does it work?

  • Your business will be visible to our members straight away
  • Identify yourself as providing even more value
  • Another way to differentiate from large chains
  • Give your business a step up from local competition as well as global online alternatives
  • Display your QR code
  • You will receive your Jumpa unique QR code as part of the sign-up process
  • Make it available for Jumpa members to scan and earn immediate rewards
  • Let your existing members know that you have joined the Jumpa community
  • (Click the title above for a template you can use)
  • Invite them to download the app (it’s completely free for them too!)
  • And ask them to check out our website for more ways to get rewarded
  • Focus on your core business
  • Keep focus on delivering results for your clients, reminding them why they are there
  • And let’s face it, working with your clients is why you started working in this industry in the first place