Jumpa Sydney Marathon 2019 Challenge

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Congratulations to our challenge winners!

10,000 pts – Lei Lei Y. (NSW); 3,000 pts – Milly (NSW); 1,000 pts – Brendan D. (NSW), Charlotte B. (WA), Lois S. (QLD)


Sunday 15th of September is the day of the Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival, with it’s flagship race ‘The Sydney Marathon’. So we thought this would be a great new challenge for our members.

You probably know that the official length of a full marathon, like the Sydney one, is 42.195km. What you may not know is that this equates to roughly 55,375 (walking) steps.

So, complete this number of steps between 9/9 and 15/9 (or average just over 7,500 steps per day) to be in with a chance to win one of our prizes.

This is a PRIZE DRAW only challenge.

1x 10,000 pts

1x 3,000 pts

3x 1,000 pts

Good luck everyone!

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