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What is Jumpa?

Life is busier than ever before. And let’s face it, when trying to balance everything, exercise is probably the first thing to get the boot.

But wait, being active is so important! Some very clever scientists have proven that it improves your physical as well as psychological well-being. So how can we make sure that we don’t give up?

We created Jumpa to help you find that bit of extra motivation to get up and get active. Jumpa is completely FREE and offers REAL VALUE rewards just for being active.

The more you work out, the more points you earn. And you can cash in your points for awesome rewards from your favourite brands.

Jumpa keeps you motivated & lets you reach your fitness goals!


After all the sweat, tears(?), sore muscles and blisters it is time to treat yourself. You’ve earned it. Here are just a few of the brands available from our MarketPlace.

How does it work?

So you like what you see so far? Let us tell you more about how you can get the most out of joining Jumpa.

There are different ways to build up your points total. Simply connect your favourite fitness tracker and reach our milestones to earn points. 

You also earn points from working out with our Fitness Partners or by using their services! Ask them for their unique Jumpa QR code and use the Jumpa app to scan it each time you use their services.

But wait! There’s more! We organise regular challenges you can take part in to earn even more points and prizes!

And once you have collected enough points, just head over to our MarketPlace and choose your reward.

Remember, Jumpa is FREE! So join now and start rewarding yourself.

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Earning Jumpa points

Daily Steps

< 7,500                                0 pts

7,500 – 9,999                   10 pts

10,000 – 19,999              30 pts

20,000 +                           50 pts

* Points are allocated overnight on a daily basis

Weekly Activity/Intensity Minutes

< 150                             0 pts

150 – 299                   50 pts

300 – 450                200 pts

450 +                       500 pts

* Points are allocated overnight on a weekly basis (Sunday nights)

Fitness Partner Membership Level

Basic                             10 pts

Partner                      300 pts

Premium                   500 pts

* Points are allocated instantly per check-in (limited to 1 check-in per day per Fitness Partner)* 


Challenge Type

Member Challenge                             nr of participants x entry fee (pts)

Sponsored Challenge                        as described in challenge details

* Points are allocated after Challenge finishes



Sign-up Type

Member                                 10 pts

* Points are allocated immediately after referral code is used when member signs up ( 1x per new member sign-up)

Fitness Partner              2,000 pts

* Points are allocated when referral code is used on sign-up and Fitness Partner registers first Member check-in (1x per new Fitness Partner sign-up) 


What our members say about us

It’s only day one and I have already decided what rewards I want to get and it is making me constantly think about my daily steps! I’ll be sitting on the couch for more than 5 minutes and I’ll immediately worry that I won’t get my step count to get a reward!! Fantastic app idea, easy to use!!
Hayley H.
My walks and workouts now reward me with more than just feeling good about myself.
Rachel T.
Little bits of exercise every day all add up. 2 vouchers received already. Looking forward to getting my next one!
Mike S.