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What is Jumpa?

Jumpa is a new and exciting low cost, no obligation service for all types of businesses providing fitness services. Whether you are a fitness instructor, personal trainer, boutique gym or large fitness complex Jumpa is for you! Jumpa brings customers to your doorstep. Our service rewards and motivates members to be more active and use your services more often.

Sign up to Jumpa to gain new business and to increase customer retention.

What is Jumpa
Jumpa benefits - stay motivated running

What are the benefits?

  • REWARD your members - your members collect points every time they use your service. Points -> $$ Shopping
  • SIGN UP new customers - be visible and easy to find to our growing list of members looking to be more active
  • Make MORE MONEY per member - through our motivation program, your members will visit you more often
  • RETAIN your existing members - our challenges keep your members interested and incentivised to continue using your service

How does it work?

  • Sign up here Get Started Now or using our Jumpa APP
  • Display your unique Jumpa QR code
  • Jumpa members scan it when using your service
  • Enjoy the benefits that Jumpa brings to your business
Who is Jumpa