Terms & Conditions


  1. About these terms and conditions
    1. The full Agreement – This Agreement consists of these General Terms and Conditions together with the Points Table, Pricing Table, Partners Table
    2. Term – The Agreement starts from the moment you sign up to the Jumpa service. The Agreement does not have a minimum term and can be cancelled at any time
    3. Users – This service cannot be used for business purposes
  2. How does it work?
    1. General

You earn points by achieving certain activity targets outlined in the Points Table and are measured using tools provided by our partner organisations


  1. Pricing

Basic Membership is free to anyone eligible to use our service.

You may upgrade to Premium Membership at any time which incurs a fee which is outlined in the Pricing Table.

  1. Who is it for?

The Jumpa service is available for anyone over the age of 18.

If you are younger than 18, you will only be able to sign up in the presence of your legal guardian (usually a parent). This person will monitor your physical activity levels as well as your activity on the Jumpa service.


  1. Payment
    1. Payment is only required for our Premium Membership customers
    2. If you are a Premium Membership customer, you will be required to register a bank account or credit card from which Direct Debits will be drawn as applicable.
    3. Some methods of payment may incur an additional charge as set out in the Pricing Table.
    4. In some circumstances, we may impose restrictions on your payment options, including:
      1. Limiting the number of credit or debit cards that you are able to register
      2. Limiting the number of times you can change the registered credit or debit card
      3. Place a limit on the credit available to you
    5. Due Date
      1. We will charge your nominated payment method on the due date or the closest business day (unless we agree otherwise, for example, because of a legitimate dispute)
    6. Late or Dishonoured Payment
      1. If a direct debit fails or is rejected due to a problem for which you are responsible (e.g. insufficient funds or credit, or inaccurate account information), we may attempt to repeat the direct debit transaction up to three (3) times in the following two (2) weeks. For each dishonoured direct debit we may charge you a dishonour fee as set out in the Pricing Table, and we may pass on any charges we incur as a result of the failed or rejected direct debit to you.
      2. If you fail to pay your bills by their due dates on 2 or more occasions in any 6 month period, or if direct debits repeatedly fail or are rejected due to problems for which you are responsible (e.g. insufficient funds or credit, or inaccurate account information), we may suspend your account (see clause 8).
    7. Overpayment

If you pay to us more than the amount you owe us at any time, your account will be credited with the amount that you have overpaid. Your next bill will be reduced by the amount of credit in your account.

  1. Taxation, Including GST
    1. Unless otherwise indicated, all fees and charges that are set out in the Pricing Table are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST)
    2. If any new tax or government impost is introduced, or if the rate of any existing tax is changed, which applies directly to the price of goods or services, we will make appropriate adjustments to the fees and charges in the Pricing Table.
  2. Credit Card Pre-Authorisation

If you choose to add a Credit Card as your payment method, we may perform a pre-authorisation transaction against your Credit Card account for the amount of $1.00. The pre-authorisation transaction may appear as a pending transaction against your Credit Card account and will disappear within 10 working days


  1. How can I earn points?
    1. Steps

You earn points based on reaching goals outlined in the Points Table. Your steps are measured using the apps and devices that are listed in our Partners Table. You may register multiple devices and apps to track your activities but each activity will only be counted once towards your points total.


  1. Activities

You earn points based on reaching goals outlined in the Points Table. Your activities are measured using the apps and devices that are listed in our Partners Table. You may register multiple devices and apps to track your activities but each activity will only be counted once towards your points total.


  1. Partner Exercise Service Providers (ESP’s)

You earn points each time you visit one of our partner Exercise Service Providers (ESP’s) and scan their unique Jumpa QR code using the QR reader available through the Jumpa app. Depending on the level of membership of this ESP, you will earn a different amount of points.


  1. Premium Membership

As a premium member you earn additional points when achieving the goals described above as well as for using the services of our ESP’s. The amount of additional points is outlined in the Points Table. You will also be able to enter into challenges and competitions only available to our Premium Members.


  1. Challenges

You can earn additional points by challenging your friends. Each challenge you enter will deduct a fixed number of points from your points balance and allocate them to the winner’s purse. The amount of points required to start or enter a challenge is outlined in the Points Table. Winning this challenge will allocate the total winner’s purse amount of points to your account.

We at Jumpa also organise challenges which will be available through our website or our app. Successfully completing such a challenge entitles you to additional points or an entry into a prize draw. Details and terms and conditions of these challenges will be available when they are set.


  1. Points timing – Points balance

When logged in, you will be able to see your points balance. There may be a delay between when you have achieved points and when they are shown on your balance.



  1. What can I do with my points?

The rewards available at any time are set out in our online store available on www.jumpa.com.au or the Jumpa app. All rewards are subject to availability and substitutions may be necessary. We will only substitute rewards where we reasonably consider they are comparable. All rewards are subject to the specific conditions on which the provider of the reward makes the reward available. If there is any inconsistency between them and these terms and conditions, the specific conditions prevail.


  1. Gift vouchers for participating retailers/service providers

You can exchange your points for gift vouchers from a wide range of partners that we work with. We will send you these vouchers either via post or via e-mail. You can only redeem the gift voucher with the retail partner specified on the gift voucher. Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and are subject to the terms and conditions set by the issuer of the vouchers. If the gift voucher contains an expiry date, it cannot be used after that time and we will not re-credit your points back to you if you do not use them before this expiry date elapses.


  1. Charity donation

You may choose to donate your points or some of your points to a charity that we work with. These are shown in our online store. For each point you donate to a charity, we will add additional points at no cost to you. The number of additional points we donate is outlined in the Points Table.


  1. Unavailability of rewards

If you have chosen to exchange your points for a reward listed on our online store but we can no longer obtain this reward on your behalf, we will inform you of this as soon as possible and credit the points back to your account after which you will be able to select a different reward.

We are not responsible if you cannot claim or redeem a reward for reasons beyond our reasonable control. However, in these circumstances, where your points have not been converted, you may claim an alternative available reward.


  1. What is it worth

The number of points required for a specific reward are shown in our online store. We reserve the right to change the number of points required for certain rewards at any time. Once you have claimed a reward, we will not change the points required for that particular exchange.

How do I claim my reward?

  • Sufficient points – you may claim your reward if you have sufficient points on your points balance at the time of you claim. The number of points required for each reward is available through the online store. You can only select rewards current at the time you claim a reward.
  • Online redemption – you can claim a reward through our online store. You should allow 5 business days for your reward to be dispatched from the time you make your request for delivery. We will arrange for your reward to be delivered to the postal address or email address (if electronic voucher is available) you have supplied in your profile. Where there is a delay in delivery we will notify you and provide you with the option to change your reward.
    • We may require that rewards for a relatively high value are couriered rather than posted. We will let you know where this is the case and will require you to pay the courier charges.
    • Neither we nor our agents are responsible if a reward is lost, stolen or damaged after it has been dispatched for reasons beyond our reasonable control.
  • No cancellation – if you claim a reward, you cannot change or cancel that claim, nor can you exchange or return a reward to obtain a re-credit of the relevant points.
  • Order of points redemption – when your points are redeemed for rewards, they are redeemed in the order in which they were earned, so that the oldest points in your points balance are redeemed first whenever you claim a reward.

When do your points expire?


As long as you keep active, your points will never expire. Your points will however expire if you do not register any activity (i.e. no additional points are added to your account) for 30 consecutive days, unless your account is temporarily suspended by you (please see 7.a.ii for details). Your balance will reduce by 10 points per day of non-activity after this 30 day period. We will of course send you reminders if no activity is detected. Once your points balance reaches 0, it will remain at 0 until you start registering activities again.

Suspension & Termination


  • Unpaid membership fees – we may suspend your Jumpa account if your membership fees become overdue for 2 months or more. Suspension means that you will not be able to earn any additional points or be able to redeem any points accrued and not redeemed yet. If your account remains overdue for 4 additional weeks we reserve the right to terminate your account. Any points not yet redeemed will be forfeited and will not be able to be reinstated even if arrears are paid up.
  • Voluntary suspension (4 weeks in any 12 month period) – we understand that certain circumstances may cause you to be unable to make full use of your membership. You may voluntarily suspend your account for a maximum of 4 weeks in any 12 month period. For this 4 week period your membership will revert to our basic membership. This means your points earning potential is in line with basic membership and you will not be charged any membership fees. You are required to provide us with 30 days notice of such voluntary suspension by emailing us at info@jumpa.com.au.
  • Suspicious activity – we may suspend your account if we reasonably suspect that you have operated your account fraudulently or if we notice activity on your account not in line with its intended purpose.
  • Disputed by Partner Exercise Service Provider – our ESP’s have the right to challenge any points claimed under the scheme within 30 days of such a claim. If such points are challenged we will suspend them until the challenging ESP lifts this suspension. You will be notified of such a suspension and it is your responsibility to contact the ESP and provide evidence or otherwise support your claim. If the suspension is not lifted within 14 days of challenge, these points are forfeited and removed from your points balance. If you have been the subject of a successful points challenge 3 times we may terminate your account.


  • Unauthorised activity – if we consider that you have operated your account with us in an illegal or otherwise unauthorised way we reserve the right to terminate your account. This means that you will no longer be able to access your account and any points that have accrued but are unused are forfeited
  • Breach of Agreement – we may terminate your account with us if you breach any term of this Agreement

Monetary value of points (no value)

  • Points don’t have any monetary value, only the value assigned to it by Jumpa. Points and rewards may not be transferred or sold. Points are just used to record your entitlement to claim a reward.

Privacy Statement Privacy Policy: Personal Information

We collect personal information from you to process your application, provide you with your product or service, and manage your product or service. We may also use your information to comply with legislative or regulatory requirements in any jurisdiction, prevent fraud, crime or other activity that may cause harm in relation to our products or services and help us run our business. We may also use your information to tell you about products or services we think may interest you. We may disclose your personal information to anyone we engage to do something on our behalf, rewards program administrators and other organisations that assist us with our business.

Collecting and using Personal Information

  • We will collect and use any Personal Information about you in accordance with applicable law and our privacy policy (as current at that time)
  • We may use your Personal Information to provide you with information about other goods and services, special offers, and promotions that are related to the Service which we supply you with.
  • We may use and disclose your Personal Information for purposes related to the supply of the Service, including billing, account management and payment reconciliation.
  • You may access and correct or update your Personal Information at any time in your personal Profile area on the app or on the website
  • You give your consent to our use, and the use by any of our suppliers, of any Personal Information we collect from you, provided such use is made in accordance with this Agreement, our privacy policy (as amended from time to time) and relevant privacy laws.

Full details of our Privacy Policy are available from this link: www.jumpa.com.au/privacy_policy


We accept our liability to you for direct losses resulting from a breach of contract or negligence under the principles applied by the courts, except if you have used Jumpa for business purposes. We, Jumpa and our agents are also not liable for any loss: – to the extent that it is caused by you (for example, through your negligence or breach of contract); • to the extent that it results from your failure to reasonably mitigate your loss; or • caused by events outside our reasonable control (such as an act of God). You may also have other rights under consumer protection legislation. Our failure to enforce a term of these terms and conditions does not mean we waive that term.

It is your responsibility to consult a medical professional before embarking on any sort of activity program to ensure that your planned activity levels are appropriate to you. We will therefore not accept any liability for injuries or other negative impacts to yourself due to activities undertaken as part of the service provided by Jumpa, whether with our ESP’s or otherwise

If you are younger than 18, any virtual and physical activity you undertake under the Jumpa service must be supervised by your legal guardian.

Jumpa does not take any responsibility if incorrect or fraudulent details have been provided during the setup process or at any time during the use of our service.

It is also your responsibility to ensure that you operate our app, third party steps and activity tracking equipment and apps in the correct way. We will not be liable for any points missed due to your incorrect use of the various tracking tools. In addition, we will not be liable for any malfunction or incorrect use of apps or equipment related to our service other than the correct functioning of the Jumpa app and website.

Your personal information is protected by your login details. We are not liable for any changes to your details if you choose to share your login details with another person. You are responsible for any changes you make to your account.

Notification of changes – We may change these terms and conditions and other aspects of Jumpa at any time. We will give reasonable notice of any change to these terms and conditions.